About Habit Zap
Habit Zap is a unique productivity and habit-building application, designed to help you tackle your daily tasks using timers. It uses concepts similar to the Pomodoro technique or timeblocking. It allows you to organize repeatable tasks into productivity "playlists", which are composed of either Reminders to simply check off-- or Timers, to keep you focused on a single task for a specific amount of time.

Activity List

At its core, Habit Zap helps you focus on one thing at a time. Can you think of tasks or activities that would help you achieve your goals, if only you could actually do them consistently? Depending on your situation, that might start with, say, 20 minutes of focused writing– every single day. Perhaps it would mean 30 minutes of practicing an instrument. Or 15 minutes of responding to e-mails every morning. Or how about simply remembering to floss? You know the things that you need to get done, and Habit Zap is here to help. Organizing repeatable tasks into "Activity Lists" helps keep you on track and accountable.

Once you know where you're heading, you simply Start a Session and get to it!

Running Session

One of the joys of the Habit Zap approach is that it emphasizes completing and tracking tasks, rather than sticking to any kind of rigid schedule. It doesn't matter if you start your day at 8am or 8pm-- as long as you make time to work through your activities, you can still maintain your productivity. After each session, you'll get a report that details your performance with respect to your initial intentions. And while your scores don't need to be perfect every day, they might help you identify areas that need more of your attention over time.

Session Report

Habit Zap is completely free to use, with additional premium functionality available via subscription. Check it out right here!