Focus is the Key to Get Things Done
If you have ever reflected on personal productivity, you may have stumbled across this well-known "secret": Focus is the key to getting things done. These days, there's a seemingly endless number of books and articles explaining the power and importance of focus, "single-tasking", and myriad variations on the theme. The core hypothesis is that in terms of getting consistent, high-quality results– multi-tasking rarely works-- no matter how desirable it may seem in today’s fast-paced, information-rich world. Yet despite knowing this, actually finding ways to focus can be quite challenging. Surrounded by ever-growing to-do lists, distractions, and crowded calendars, how is one to actually make a dent? As one quote perfectly puts it: "The shortest way to do many things is to do only one thing at a time."

That's where Habit Zap steps in. Habit Zap is an application designed to help you tackle your daily tasks using timers. The basic idea is that rather than trying to take on everything at once, you can "sculpt" your available time around matters you’d like to work on consistently. It does so by helping you to organize repeatable tasks into "Activity Lists", which help keep you on track and accountable. Once you know where you're heading, you simply Start a Session and get to it!

For a closer look at how Habit Zap looks and feels, you can read the overview here.
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